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Greenwood Hill Farm is a dream come true.  Almost one year ago we felt inspired to look for a farm in New York (we are originally from Utah) and from the day we found the farm we fell in love with it.  The farm is a beautiful, 125-acre, little bit of heaven, in Western New York. About 60-acres are fields and pastures, about 60-acres are forest, and about 5-acres are gardens, buildings, etc. and the pond occupies about one-quarter acre. We plan to continue to enrich the natural habitat for our native wildlife, improve and beautify the grounds, and invite others to share in the peacefulness that is found here through Farmstays, family reunions, retreats, farm tours, farm activities and by keeping the park available for others to enjoy.


The number and type of animals can change from season to season, but some remain fairly constant.  Our permanent residents are a very lovable horse, Didi, his best friend, Doc, the goat, baby chicks, our wonderful dog, Duke, our lovely barn cat, Sophie and our newest edition, Eggsy, a very lovable Finn sheep.  We also board a few of our friend's Alpacas in the summer (because they are so much fun to watch). Most summers, we raise Turkey (yes, for food). Our neighbor is a dairy farmer, so cows are part of the "view". Wild animals seen frequently on the property include turkey, grouse, song birds, deer, fox, ground hogs, and many more. Please visit our Photo Gallery for more about our animals.


Fields & Pastures

The fields and pastures are certified organic.  Our good neighbors, the Stoltzfus family, farm part this land and raise feed for the cows on their organic dairy. They trade us milk and meat for the hay.

We practice "Managed Intensive Grazing" (MIG) for our horses and other livestock. The horses are moved to new pasture every 2 to 3 days. This provides them with desirable (not picked over) and clean (not contaminated with fresh manure) food every day.

The goats and chickens  have a fixed pasture (permanent, secure perimeter), but their shelters are movable so that they have a clean place to sleep when the old one is soiled.

The 3-4 acre winter pasture for the horses will be occupied during the summer by a few Alpaca (owned by the Vars family, who have an Alpaca business). We provide them a free pasture "summer camp" -- in exchange for the entertainment value of the visiting Alpaca.



Of the 60 acres of forest, some areas are human-managed for future generations and some areas are "old grove" (managed by a higher authority). In all cases, consideration is given to the health of the forest and all of the occupants therein - we want healthy habitat and healthy and diverse inhabitants.



We practice "responsible" gardening. We are not certified organic as we are producing for ourselves and the certification process can be time-consuming and pricey. However, the toads are our "pesticide" and a hoe is the "herbicide". Our soil amendments are horse manure and other composted materials from the farm. The resulting produce is as clean and safe as it is possible to obtain anywhere.

We have a 60' by 40' vegetable garden (enough for the house, for canning and a bit for market), a 36' round herb garden (containing every culinary herb that we can find seeds for) and flower gardens of every description.


Pond and other water features

The pond covers about 1/4 acre and teems with frogs, fish, etc. Fishing is not permitted - the fish are too small and it would be a betrayal of trust (you may feed them, if you wish).   There are also many natural springs and small trickle-creeks on the property. SO much to discover!!