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As the owners of Greenwood Hill Farm, we are now offering privately run, overnight accommodations at the original farmhouse located here on the farm.  The farmhouse remodel has indeed been a labor of love. 

Our goal was to restore the home to what we imagined it to be originally in an effort to create a cozy, peaceful environment for guests to relax, rest, connect with friends and family, and experience the sweet spirit that is here. With much labor (and a few tears :), we scraped ceilings and floors, refinished claw foot tubs, built unique furniture with treasures from the past, and renewed the original wood siding.


We host guests from all over the world and are grateful and pleased when they leave having enjoyed the beauty and charm of this special place.  Please visit Airbnb to get details, and additional pictures, and to book a stay at the farmhouse. We look forward to meeting you. Please note: All overnight stays are privately run, and are not part of the not-for-profit activities available on the farm. Overnight stays have been made available for guests looking to enjoy the beautiful countryside for more than an afternoon stroll. 

(Additional Info: The farmhouse is equipped with the cooking equipment needed to prepare delicious food.  Guests are welcome to gather (free of charge) farm-fresh eggs and summer garden produce to add to their menus. We currently do not provide meals for guests staying in the farmhouse.  Groceries can be purchased at some great stores only 20-30 minutes away.)


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