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Facilities Available to Overnight Guests and by appointment for General Public. Thank you!


Parking has changed a little bit from the diagram on the left.  

Overnight guest parking is in between the farmhouse and

the horse barn. 

Guests arriving for a scheduled farm tour will drive up to our 

residence and park in our parking area.  

The grassy parking areas are no longer available.



We have a large grassy area designated as the "playground". It is suitable for all sorts of games (balls, kites, etc.) We have a modest traditional play set (slides and swings) which was donated by a family whose children had outgrown it.  The play set is great for children 10 and under.  

Picnic Area

The primary picnic area is a grassy area with many shade trees. There is also a wonderful picnic area in the woods with a delightful fire pit.

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