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What Should I expect when visiting the Farm?

  • To have an assortment of activities that can be enjoyed at your leisure.    

  • To get a bit dirty. Farm life and is not always a clean affair, especially on raining days. Laundry facilities available.

  • To be treated like family.

  • To experience a bit of farm life in rural America.


May I bring pets to Greenwood Hill Farm?


No. Guest pets are not allowed on our farm.  Thank you for observing this rule.  We have too many of our own animals and we want to keep them safe as well as your own beloved pets.


What do I need to do to visit the farm?


There are two ways to arrange a visit to Greenwood Hill Farm. You can book an overnight stay through Airbnb,  or you can arrange a private tour through our contact page



Is Smoking Allowed?


Smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings and houses.  Smoking in the old, beautiful barns filled with old wood and straw could quickly turn into a disaster. Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas.  We hope to provide all guests with a comfortable visit.  Thank you!

Is Alcohol allowed on the farm? 

We do not drink alcohol but realize that many people enjoy a social drink with their friends and family.  We trust that any alcohol brought onto the farm will be consumed in a responsible way.  Please keep in mind that we do not allow parties.  Our farm is intended for families and individuals wanting a peaceful place to relax, unwind, and connect with themselves and others. It is a place to enjoy friendly farm animals,  take long walks through quiet woods, and delight in the various wildlife that can be found running about the woods and fields.  Thank you for helping us maintain this peaceful atmosphere.


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