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Farmhouse in summer
Ping Pong Table
Straw bales in Barn
Father and daughter
Old Tree
Haying Season
Baby Chicks
Haunted Woods in the Day

There is a generally agreed-upon definition of "Farm Stay" (below), but each family defines its own way of making it work. We hope our guests enjoy observing animals, meandering forest paths, playing outside, picking fresh seasonal produce, and relaxing in the beautiful countryside of western New York.


Farm stays can be any, or all, of the following:

  • agritourism (a farmer opening his/her farm to tourists for any reason),

  • ecotourism (responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment), and

  • geotourism (tourism that sustains or enhances the culture and the well-being of local residents). []


The nature of each farm stay is as unique as the family that runs it.  What they have in common is the opportunity to leave the bustle, noise, lights, and crowds behind -- and relax in a much slower-paced, natural environment. 

While farm visits are popular with families with children, you do not need to borrow a few in order to justify coming here for a visit. This is an ideal location for taking some "me" time -- to rest, restore, and re-charge your batteries. You can sleep in, meditate, read, meander, or exercise at your whim. It's a perfect place to write that book you've always dreamed of writing or bring out the paint and create a masterpiece. Whether alone, with family, or with a few close friends, the peace and quiet are positively therapeutic. With many activities to choose from, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. Farm tours are free of charge and are part of Greenwood Hill Farm Corporation's not-for-profit activities. Please email to schedule an afternoon tour. All tours must be scheduled.  Overnight guests can schedule when they arrive.

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