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This is a privately owned, family-run farm which allows Greenwood Hill Farm Corporation, a not-for-profit organization, to offer free farm tours. To schedule an appointment, please go to the contact page and send us an email.  We will be happy to arrange a time for a 1-2 hour tour of the farm. If you happen to be visiting during chore time, you can help feed the animals and collect eggs. During the summer season, there is usually at least one bum lamb waiting to be bottle-fed.  When available, you are also welcome to pick a few fresh garden vegetables to take home and enjoy.

The number and type of animals can change from season to season, but some remain fairly constant.  Our permanent residents are a very lovable goat, Doc; our wonderful dog, Duke; some mama Finnsheep ewes, and two barn cats. (Please note: Didi, our beloved horse passed away this spring.  We miss her presence here on the farm.) There are usually chickens, pigs in the summer, and baby lambs in the spring and throughout the summer.  Our neighbor is a dairy farmer, so cows are part of the "view". Wild animals seen frequently on the property include turkey, grouse, songbirds, deer, fox, groundhogs, and many more. Please visit our Photo Gallery for more about our animals.


Farm Tours

Fields and Forests

The fields and pastures are organic.

Of the 60 acres of forest, some areas are human-managed for future generations and some areas are "old grove" (managed by a higher authority). In all cases, consideration is given to the health of the forest and all of the occupants therein - we want healthy habitat and healthy and diverse inhabitants.


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