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Farm Rules to Keep Everyone Safe

We limit the rules to things that can adversely affect someone's safety and comfort. Too many rules can spoil the relaxed, family-like, farm experience -- but, to few rules can have the same result.



  • Non-resident dogs are not allowed at Greenwood Hill Farm.  Barnyard animals are afraid of strange dogs (predator response). Imagine a 2000-pound horse that simply turns around to see what the strange predator is doing and steps on an innocent bystander in the process. The fact that the "predator" only weighs five pounds does not change the reaction. 

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. For safety reasons, there is absolutely no smoking in any barn or outbuilding (they would burn mighty fast with all of that hay, straw, and old timber)! 

  • For your safety, please stay on designated walking paths.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.



Farms are not intrinsically child-safe. There are all sorts of things that could hurt a child (tractors, tools, chemicals, etc.)


Please remember that anything with teeth has the capacity to bite. Adults need to be alert to potential dangers (and, of course, opportunities to educate).


All of our pastures are fenced with some version of electric wire. The charge in it is enough to convince the animals that, having been zapped once, they never want to do it again -- it will have that effect on you also.

The shock that an electric fence produces cannot do permanent harm, even to a fragile child -- but it is no fun. Please keep children away from the electric fences.


The pond is fenced. We ask that everyone safely enjoy the pond and ducks by staying on the outside of the fence.

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