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Yes, You are Needed



This park is a labor of love, but the two of us cannot make it work alone. We have had some WONDERFUL volunteers. We would be delighted to have a few more great ones! Please take a minute to review our volunteer opportunities, a brief description on how to become a volunteer -- and our Special Thanks to current and past volunteers.



Volunteer Opportunities

We have had all sorts of volunteers. Some were family and/or friends first. All felt like family in the end. Volunteers can help with projects or services like:

  • gardening (vegetable or flower)

  • building construction or repair

  • general maintenance (e.g., mowing or weeding)

  • guided tours

  • parties or special events

  • programs (e.g., class or demonstration)

  • something we have not thought of?


How to Become a Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer some of your time -- contact us and we will be happy to work with you to match your interests and abilities.

Please Note: As much as we appreciate the help, we cannot accept unaccompanied volunteers under the age of eighteen (it is a supervision and liability issue).



Special Thanks

The following have provided special assistance to the planning, development and maintenance of the park.

Ken Koehler and Family, Dairy Farmer and Neighbor -- repeated rescue, ongoing assistance and sage advice.

Dean Lamphier and Family, Neighbor -- ongoing assistance and support.

David Anthony, Allegany Engineers -- building stabilization/renovation.

Dave Dupont, NRCS -- site planning.

Billy Morris, NY-DEC Forester (retired) -- timber management guidance.

Bill Henning, USDA -- pasture management guidance.

BOCES-Wildwood Education Center (Hornell, NY) -- constructing our excellent picnic tables.

Trappingbrook House (Wellsville, NY) -- ongoing assistance in general maintenance and improvement.

Boy Scouts of America -- we have had TWO scouts do their Eagle Projects here and we are most grateful for the hiking trail markers and the parking lot sign.



Thank You ALL for Your Support.

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