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What our farm visitors are saying...

Welcome to Greenwood Hill Farm. The privately owned farm is a beautiful, 125-acre, little bit of heaven, in Western New York. It is a peaceful haven where families young and old can enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, observe the delightful antics of various farm animals, curl up with a favorite book under a large maple tree, stargaze in quiet evenings, or many other fun and rewarding activities. The farm is available for private tours as part of Greenwood Hill Farm Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that offers individuals and families an opportunity to enjoy agriculture and farm life. To schedule a tour of the farm, please go to our contact page and send us an email.  The scheduled tours are free to the public.We are confident you will enjoy your time here. Please note: Overnight guests are welcomed to the privately run guest farm house and are not part of Greenwood Hill Farm Corporation's not-for-profit activities.  However, all overnight guests who desire are treated to a 1-2 hour tour of the farm free of charge as part of the corporations purpose to provide a farm experience to young and old.


About 60-acres are fields and pastures, about 60-acres are forest, about 5-acres are gardens and buildings and the pond occupies about one-quarter acre. We plan to continue to enrich the natural habitat for our native wildlife, improve and beautify the grounds, and continue to plant existing gardens as well as plant new gardens, fruit trees, berry plants, grapes, and improve the quality of  field crops.  We invite others to share in the peacefulness that is found here through prearranged farm tours, participation in farm activities when visiting during chore time, and through overnight Farm Stays.  Please note that overnight stays are not part of the not-for-profit activities but information is made available through this website for those interested in enjoying a longer visit than just an afternoon tour.


Greenwood Hill Farm Play Area
Vegetable Garden
Bon Fire
Sheep Grazing
Farm House in Summer

"We had a wonderful experience staying in this nice and cozy home in Andover. Angie's husband Jeff was such a great host and we had great conversation over several interesting topics such as our work, healthy living, travel, food and culture. I will certainly look forward to another stay at their wonderful home if given another opportunity."

"Angie and Jeff are the perfect hosts! Very welcoming and accommodating in a beautiful and lovingly cared for place. If you're looking for a great getaway from the busy city (or suburbs) this is the place! Alpacas! Horse! Sheep! Goat! Dog! Cat! and so quiet and peaceful, especially at night."